Sunday, June 05, 2005

Starting Up

Well, as part of my never-ending attempts to fill time whilst putting off doing any proper writing I've decided to put things on hold once again and start up a blog instead.

I currently have no idea what sort of things I'm going to start posting on here, or for how long I'll keep it going for... so...

I'll start with the name, I'm not called Jake, and I'm not suggesting that I'm clever - it's just a name I picked up a number of years ago to use for emails, log-ins etc and it's stuck. There you go - interesting, hey?

In the next few weeks I'm hoping to buy a flat in London (where I'm currently renting - a flat that is, I'm not currently plying my trade on the streets) so I'll probably be trying to waste even more time as I get more and more wound up by estate agents.

Oh well...


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